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A minimum order is $60 per 1 cake. 
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BestCleaning in Saskatoon


Catering in Saskatoon


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BestCleaning in Saskatoon

Cleaning - professional cleaning with the use of special technologies, special detergents and professional equipment to ensure the highest level of cleanliness in the room. The specifics of particular types of cleaning depend on the surface finishing materials, as well as elements of the interior. 


Catering in Saskatoon

Company «CateringBestCakes» provides a range of services, from delivery of canapés and cocktail party appetizers and ending with the organization thoroughly planned events "turnkey" for the organization of receptions, banquets, coffee breaks that will impress any guest. The high standards of service will allow for a festive event at the highest level.


1HappyBirthday in Saskatoon

Our company offers a huge selection of all sorts of scenarios and congratulations. Children are growing and developing steadily, and with them their favorite characters. Therefore, we constantly invent something new. The site contains a huge variety of characters that your child likes. All these little things will make a magical and unforgettable party! Organizing children's parties with us is really easy. You can see the selected program, and even make your own adjustments. The choice is yours!


Construction in Saskatoon



Construction in Saskatoon

Vine Vera is a global skin care brand that serves men and women around the world. We help our customers make lasting improvements to the way they feel about their skin and present a wide range of skin care products that suit individuals with all types of skin. 



3D Best Print offers large scale, self-adhesive and personalized wall murals and photo wallpaper. With its simple DIY application, 3D Best Print is removable and repositionable without any damage to your walls! 
Change the look and feel of a room without the hassle of traditional wallpaper! Our wall murals are the perfect solution to easily enhance any residential or commercial space alike!




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Please note a minimum order is 15 pieces.  
Please note a minimum order is 15 pieces.  
Please note a minimum order is 15 pieces.  
Please note a minimum order is 15 pieces.  
Please note a minimum order is 15 pieces.  

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 Delivery from 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.  207-3013 McClocklin Road, Saskatoon. 

(306) 514-1481 

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The authorship of these works, we do not claim, use photos for informational purposes only for customers.

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