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New videos

Flowers Delivery

Sending one dozen fresh roses is a classic...

Edible Puzzles

We are making edible puzzles for order in Saskatoon

3D Cookies

3D Cookies --- edible print on cookies with 3D printing

Custom Printed Edibles

Custom Printed Edibles - You you provide the image, we make it...

Children's Cakes

Delicious baby cakes at home recipes! The kid will love it!

Wedding Cakes

Wedding cake will decorate a wedding table!

Theme Cakes

Corporate Thematic cake 

Gift Cakes

Gift Cake in Saskatoon

Photo Cakes

Sugar paper, wafer paper, sedobnoe photo cakes to order Edible photo Toppers!

Corporate Cakes

Corporative cakes remembered for long!

Cupcakes, Mini Cakes, Muffins

Cupcake the prices are per piece


Chocolate Cakes

Delicate Chocolate Cake just melts in your mouth!

Fruit Cakes

Unusual aroma of fruit and berries will not leave anyone indifferent!

French Macaron

French Macarons in Saskatoon

Artistic Decorations

Artistic Decorations

Cake Decorating

Cake Decorating

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Please note a minimum order is 15 pieces.  
Please note a minimum order is 15 pieces.  
Please note a minimum order is 15 pieces. A price for the cake is ...
Please note a minimum order is 15 pieces.  
Please note a minimum order is 15 pieces.  
Please note a minimum order is 15 pieces. A price for the cake is $7 ...
Please note a minimum order is 15 pieces. A price for the cake is $70 ...

Home delivery!

 Delivery from 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. #20 1301 Idylwyld Dr. N. , Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7L 1A3

(306) 514-1481 

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On our site features pictures of cakes not only our work, but also other famous confectioners.

The authorship of these works, we do not claim, use photos for informational purposes only for customers.



The site used photos of not only our work, but also the work of other confectioners.
These photos are for information. We do not claim ownership of all these photos or of all the work.

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